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22 July 1988
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I am Kendra. I am unique. Maybe I am not the kind of unique that most people consider "special", but there is no one else exactly like me. Dancing through life, never giving up. That is who I am. Child of summer. Never surrendering. Following dreams to the rainbow's end.

-I am one of the mods for actorsguild
-And because I like being a mod....also a mod for iharthdarthfans
-ping_monsoon and I created _chugworth.

My journal is friends only, but I will add you if you comment on my banner.

Still wish the LotR fandom was as active as it was back when the movies were still coming out? We do! Come join us and let's make it happen! Everyone is welcome, from casual fans of the movies to hardcore Tolkienites!

(banner by theguiltyone)

tolkiens_realm is up and running now so I thought I'd give you all one last pimp! We want even more LotR fans to join us! Get sorted into a race at sorting_realm, then post a new discussion in discuss_realm (there's A LOT to talk about, especially involving the future The Hobbit film!), make icons, write drabbles, get in a RPG, or whatever else your inner Tolkien geek desires! A couple of the communities still need 'Maiar' to help us co-mod!

If you are still wondering what the heck this is all about, take a look at the tolkiens_realm profile page located here :)