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Actually not really, I am just going through and doing a friends cut. I will probably only cut people who never update and people that I have nothing in common with. If I cut you and you want to be added back, just comment with three reasons you think you should be on my friends list. This is not stopping me from adding new people, I just need to clean out my friends.
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Don't cut me pweez! o.o
Of course I won't cut you!! You are totally awesome!
Squee! :D

Deleted comment

It was a great feeling. I cut six communities and four friends and I feel wonderful. A little bit guilty....just in case the people I cut are like "Nooooooo", but it made me a little happier ^.^
This is Phil, the mod at actorsguild. The Guild is now yours, as I am leaving Livejournal. I'll transfer full maintainership to you soon.
Okay, thanks for letting me know!

'Tis Phil here. I used to be smackmypony2 but got a new account. I am a student actor and countertenor opera-singer.. remember me? No? Ah well, never mind.

Hope you're oki doki.

Hey! Nice to hear that you are still online and such. I will re-add you straight away!